Unique Natural B &W Persian Goat Hair Shiraz Lion & Sun Gabbeh Wall Hanging 3×6


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Pre 1900 Persian Goat Hair Shiraz Lion & Sun Gabbeh 3×5-7
Circa 1880’s, some age related wear but overall in an Excellent Condition, Rare in Geometric Lion and Sun pattern! DSC00621

The Lion and Sun (Persian: شیر و خورشید / Šir o Xoršid) is one of the emblems of Iran and between 1846 and 1979 was an element in Iran’s National flag. The motif, which illustrates ancient and modern Iranian traditions, became a popular symbol in Iran in the 12th century The lion and sun symbol is based largely on astronomical and astrological configurations: the ancient sign of the sun in the house of Leo , which itself is traced backed to Babylonian astrology and Near Eastern traditions.

The motif has many historical meanings. First, it was only an astrological and zodiacal symbol. Under Safavid and the first Qajaar kings, it became more associated with Shia Islam
During the Safavid era, the lion and sun stood for the two pillars of
society, the state and the Islamic religion. It became a national emblem
during the Qajaar era. In the 19th century, European visitors at the
Qajaar court attributed the lion and sun to remote antiquity; since then,
it has acquired a nationalistic interpretation. During the reign of Fath- Ali-Shah_Qajaar
and his successors, the form of the motif was substantially changed. A
crown was also placed on the top of the symbol to represent the
monarchy. Beginning in the reign of Fat′h-Ali, the Islamic aspect of the
monarchy was de-emphasized. This shift affected the symbolism of the
emblem. The meaning of the symbol changed several times between the
Qajar era and the 1979 revolution. The lion could be interpreted as a metaphor for Ali,
for the heroes of Iran who are ready to protect the country against
enemies, or for its ancient meaning as the symbol of kingship. The Sun
has alternately been interpreted as symbol of the king, Jamshid, the mythical king of Iran, and the motherland.  Courtesy of Wikipedia

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Area Rugs




2′-9″x5′-7″ (83cm x 171cm)

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Goat hair foundation, lamb wool pile!



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